Information for Riding the SMRT Bus

What Is The SMRT Bus

The SMRT Bus is a commuter bus system. The Red, Blue and Yellow Routes provide connections to Prairie du Chien, La Crosse, Viroqua and additional cities and villages in Crawford, Vernon, Monroe and La Crosse counties. The Green Route provide transporation from Tomah, Sparta and West Salem to La Crosse. The SMRT Bus operates Monday through Friday. A one-way fare is $3. Exact fares (in cash) must be paid upon boarding the bus.

You may download and print out the bus schedule:
SMRT Bus Schedule - All Routes (PDF)

Severe Weather Announcements

During severe weather, please call to check on status of routes or sign up to receive text messages.

To receive SMRT Bus Route updates, text ridesmrt to 662-200-4303.

SMRT Bus Holiday Schedule

The SMRT bus does NOT run on the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

Reduced hours on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

General Rules for Riding the SMRT Bus

  • There is no provision for the bus driver to make change.
  • Buses cannot wait for passengers - passengers must be at the bus stop waiting for pick-up.
  • If there is an MTU bus-stop at pickup/drop off locations in the City of La Crosse, that is where the SMRT bus will pick up/drop off riders.
  • Wireless Internet is available
  • Free transfers are available from one bus to the next on your one way trip. When you board the bus, just tell the bus driver your end destination and if it requires a transfer one will be provided.
  • Comment cards are available on the buses - please share your thoughts with us so we can better serve our riders.
  • Please be considerate of other passengers:
    • When using electronic devices or cell phones, listen or speak at a volume that does not disturb other passengers.
    • No smoking is allowed on the buses.
    • Please do not litter in the buses.
    • Bags, packages, etc. should not block bus aisles.
    • Anyone who acts in a disorderly or abusive manner will not be allowed on the bus.
    • Obscene or disturbing language is prohibited.

You may download the complete bus rules.

Transportation Savings

Riding the SMRT Bus can save you money on your commute to work, school, or medical appointments. This Transportation Savings document will show your potential savings by using the SMRT Bus. Remember a one-way fare on the SMRT Bus is only $3.00 and can be further reduced by purchasing punch cards or monthly passes. Two charts are included in the document. The first chart illustrates the cost of a one way trip between communities based on the cost of the gas that you will put in your vehicle. The calculations are based on a vehicle that gets 25 miles per gallon of gas at a price of $3.50 a gallon. The second chart illustrates the entire cost of a trip based on the Federal Gas Mileage Rate which is based on an annual study of the fixed and variable costs of operating an automobile. Calculations use the Federal Gas Mileage Rate of 55.5 cents per mile (rate as of Feb. 1, 2013). It also takes into consideration such things as vehicle maintenance, insurance, gas, etc.

Download the Transportation Savings Information.

Any questions or concerns on the bus service, please call 877-444-6543.